Mindset works and brainology

Brainology is an online educational program about the facilitation of human brain, in terms of learning, memory boost etc. In some parts, it
represents Donald Hebb’s theory of neuroplasticity or plasticity of the brain, which is the wiring together and rewiring of neurons in response
to environmental experiences of an organism ~ in this case, human being.
This program was first introduced by Prof. Carol Dweck, a Canadian
psychologist. In recent times, the researchers, advocates and the tool
kits and variables put in place by these researchers have faced a lot of
criticisms and controversies even till this present time. Brainology is
a mordern idea that seem to have come to complement Donald Hebb’s
theory of neuroplasticity. But differs in that brainology is more
attuned to learning and cognitive variables e.g. learning and recall,
motivation and positive paychology to enhance the brain.